2024 Is the Year of Brown

Published on February 1, 2024
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As we enter into the new year, fresh decorating trends are on the horizon. Each decade in interior design brings a singular color dominance. For the past ten years, gray has been at the forefront of homes across the nation. However, I think we’re all tired of the gray dominance and are ready for some warmer, earthy tones. It is time for gray to step aside and let 2024’s color take the podium: brown.

We’ve witnessed the brown renaissance of fashion in the fall of 2022, but brown is making its debut in the interior design world in 2024. Yet, it is important to note that this is not the same teak wood brown that was popular in the 1970s and early 2000s. Rather, this shade of brown gives a modern, chic approach. As society is spending more time at home with remote work, we are seeing nesting reflected in design styles. Instead of decorating in cool tones, people are leaning towards warmer, cozier tones. Brown is revolutionizing the way we live. 

Now, how can you exactly incorporate brown into your home? Start with painting your walls a rich shade of brown, get a brown sofa, or include a brown accent. Since brown is neutral, it pairs excellently with an array of colors. Brown gives you the freedom to incorporate more bright and fun colors into your interior. For example, sage green accents would brighten up the space while still keeping the tones warm and inviting. Or, you can pay homage to Pantone’s color of the year and implement “Peach fuzz” accents. Peach Fuzz follows a similar theme to brown by being a rediscovered neutral that echoes our innate need for closeness and connection. Embracing the rich and earthy hues provides an opportunity to create a harmonious blend with other colors, facilitating the infusion of vibrant and lively tones into our homes

In conclusion, as we embark into the new year, the shifting tides of interior design bring forth a refreshing departure from the reign of gray. The emergence of brown as the coveted color for 2024 signifies not only a stylistic evolution but also a nod to the changing dynamics of our lifestyles. This modern interpretation of brown stands as a symbol of adaptability and a renewed connection with the fundamental aspects of living.