Prime your home for the most qualified buyers with our SG Certified Program. By providing transparency about the condition of your home, you give buyers confidence to make educated buying decisions which in turn leads to a smoother transaction.


Prior to putting a home on the market, a Seven Gables Real Estate advisor works with a seller to complete the following requirements:
  • Physical Inspection
  • Termite Inspection
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Roof Inspection (If recommended by physical inspection)
  • Pool Inspection (If recommended by physical inspection)
  • Lateral Sewer Line Inspection (Properties 20+ years old)(Optional)
  • Natural Hazard Disclosure
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Buyer Home Warranty
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors Installed
  • Water Heaters Properly Strapped
  • Complete Disclosure Package
  • Permit History
  • Clue Report (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange)
When then actively promotes an SG Certified listing by placing a branded SG Certified Seal across all marketing channels, including property signs, all printed and digital marketing materials, on the property website and in the MLS.
Why Choose to certify 
Your Home with SG Certified

Benefit to Sellers

Attract Qualified Buyers: Buyers are more likely to consider homes when they have all of the facts. The more knowledgeable a buyer is about a home, the more confident they will feel in making a solid, well thought-out offer.
A Stress-free Process: Laying out all of the facts up front eliminates surprises and paves the way for a smooth transaction.
Better Prepared: Identifying needed repairs before putting a house on the market allows sellers time to get competitive bids and save money.
Confidence: An SG Certified home gives a seller assurance that their home is ready for a quick and smooth sale.

Benefit to Buyers

Be Informed: An SG Certified home allows a buyer to be more knowledgeable about a home and feel more confident in making educated decisions.
A Stress-free Process: Getting all of the facts up front eliminates surprises and paves the way for a smooth transaction.
Security: An SG Certified home protects buyers from the high cost of unexpected repairs during the first year of owning the home.

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