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Key Advantages of Buying a Home Today

There’s no doubt buying a home today is different than it was over the past couple of years, and the shift in the market has led to advantages for buyers today. Right now, there are specific reasons that make this housing market attractive for those who’ve thought about buying but have sidelined their search due to rising […]

What Homeowners Want To Know About Selling in Today’s Market

If you’re thinking about selling your house, you’re likely hearing about the cooling housing market and wondering what that means for you. While it’s not the peak intensity we saw during the pandemic, we’re still in a sellers’ market. That means you haven’t missed your window. explains: “. . . while prospective home sellers may lament that […]

Where in Southern California is best for YOU?

I (an adorable copywriter at Seven Gables Real Estate) moved homes just a year and a half ago! I’m not alone in this; the California real estate market is absolutely bustling with new deals every day. While moving here has been wonderful, I distinctly remember the difficulty I had in picking a city to go […]

Day to Day Guide of SoCal Holiday Events

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here in Southern California. SoCal is your ultimate holiday destination! Celebrate with wonderful events like Light Shows, Boat Parades, Santa Photo Opportunities, Winter Festivals, and more! From Orange County up to Los Angeles, no matter if you’re a local or visiting the area, this day-by day […]

Four Things That Help Determine Your Mortgage Rate

If you’re looking to buy a home, you probably want to secure the lowest interest rate possible for your home loan. Over the last couple of years, that was easier to do as the housing market saw record-low mortgage rates, but this year rates have risen dramatically. If you’re looking for ways to combat today’s higher rates and lock in […]

Sell Your Home Before the Holidays

If you’re ready to make your decision, here are three reasons you may want to consider selling before the holidays. 1. Get One Step Ahead of Other Sellers Typically, in the residential real estate market, homeowners are less likely to list their houses toward the end of the year. That’s because people get busy around […]

7th Anniversary of the Orange Field of Valor

Today and every day we are grateful for all who have served and continue to help keep our country safe.  A little history, Veterans Day honors military veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces. The federal holiday coincides with Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, which marks World War I. These observances reflect the […]

Extraordinary Tudor Estate in Historic Floral Park

Extraordinary Moriarty Segerstrom Tudor Estate in Floral Park, built in 1929 and steeped in history! Oversized, grand rooms with elegant style, freshly refinished hardwood floors, stunning mahogany wood banisters and doors, 4 dramatic vintage fireplaces and many other architectural details from unique archways to beautiful vintage tile. Grand foyer with vaulted ceiling and reception area, […]

Millennials Are Still a Driving Force of Today’s Buyer Demand

If you’re thinking about selling your house but wondering if buyers are still out there, know that there are still people who are searching for a home to buy today. And your house may be exactly what they’re looking for. While the millennial generation has been dubbed the renter generation, that namesake may not be appropriate anymore. Millennials, the […]

Seven Gives Food Drive Supporting Orange County Food Bank

We all have a role to play in fighting hunger in Orange County, and it begins with taking action. Let’s unite to serve our community with the Seven Gives Food Drive supporting Orange County Food Bank. The Second Harvest, Orange County, Food Bank warehouse is 58,000 square feet, with commercial refrigerators and freezers capable of […]

The Emotional and Non-financial Benefits of Homeownership

With higher mortgage rates, you might be wondering if now’s the best time to buy a home. While the financial aspects are important to consider, there are also powerful non-financial reasons it may make sense to make a move. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with homeownership. Homeowners Can Make Their Home Truly Their […]

The Top 10 Secret Spots for Fun in Southern California

 Southern California truly is a lovely place to live with a near endless list of destinations whether you like lively nights, some quiet time in nature, or a good meal between buds. But sometimes, for natives and newcomers alike, there can be so much to do in Southern California that it’s hard to pick! We at […]