You’re more than a number in our accounting books.

We help career-focused agents reach their full potential with services, coaching, and a vibrant place to grow and have fun.

The data says it all.
Our agents do better.

We consistently have the most productive agents in every market we serve. That means our agents are working hard every day—learning, growing, and doing what it takes to serve their clients.
Seven Gables is by far the best company I have ever worked for Real Estate wise or other. The quality of the leadership is second to none. They care about the agents both personally and professionally and do everything they can to support our success. It’s so nice to work for a company whose core values align with my personal values.
Seven Gables brings a winning culture, in a warm and welcoming environment, all while providing the training, mentorship, and tools needed to build an elite real estate business.
–LANE STONE, Huntington Beach
Business was good. I was happy, then Seven Gables came along and shook up my world and the next thing I know my business went from good to fantastic. SG provides the tools, the leadership and the support to take your business from zero to the stratosphere.
–SUSAN SAURASTRI, Huntington Beach
When the core values of a company align with your own personal values, there's no limit to the success you can achieve. I have found this to be true over the past 5 years at Seven Gables and I am grateful for every aspect of this amazing company, from the leadership, to marketing to my fellow agents that I am able to collaborate with on a daily basis!
Leaving a well established team in Huntington Beach to become a solo agent was the scariest thing I ever did as a professional. I am so grateful for Diane Van Der Goes and The Hickman’s guidance and innovative visions to put me in a position to succeed! I am now running my own team and on track to close $25m in 2022.
–JASON CROSWELL, Huntington Beach
I started my career in Real Estate 17 years ago after having had a Seven Gables agent, Don Rea, for four real estate transactions. Don was one of the original agents hired by our company. He showed me what a family Seven Gables was and how the management team cared about us and our families. I feel even more strongly today that the Seven Gables culture is the one for me.

Seven Gables agents:

Average Years
of Experience
Average Sales Volume
Support Staff Per Agent

We didn’t like the rules. So we rewrote them.

Too many companies in real estate play the numbers game, churning out agents and transactions like factories.
For nearly 50 years, we have persisted in quality work, valuable contributions, and lasting relationships.
It’s the Seven Gables mark
Modern Marketing
Performance Coaching
Training & Education

Our success formula:

Set the bar high
Excellence for one lifts up standards for all. We focus on your growth and set you up to do the best work of our life.
Our model doesn’t depend on stuffing licensees into our company. We grow selectively so we can maintain focus on
each agent’s  individual success.
Play big
We like to have fun, and part of that fun is aiming high and playing a bigger game together in a way that creates success for all.

Why Seven Gables Real Estate?

As a Realtor, when searching for the right office to join, I was looking for a brokerage that encompassed high standards and ideals; all with a service minded way of doing business. I was also looking for the right brokerage which offered inspiring leadership, exceptional training and cutting-edge technology. But most importantly, I wanted to work in an environment where putting the client's needs first is paramount, and where building relationships is the cornerstone of all transactions. Little did I know, and after joining Seven Gables, I came to later learn that "High standards, genuine relationships and big impact" is the Ethos of Seven Gables Real Estate. Seven Gables embodies my same ideals and values, plus actually makes selling real estate fun and rewarding.
- Jules Wilson

In just one year at Seven Gables Real Estate, I nearly tripled my closed sales volume.

In just one year at Seven Gables Real Estate, I nearly tripled my closed sales volume from $6.98 million to $19.3 million. This 277% YOY increase is not only a result of my dedication to serving my clients, but also the one-on-one coaching and consistent education offered by Seven Gables.
- Greg Hendrickson

I hit the jackpot with Seven Gables Real Estate!

When I first decided to get my real estate license, I spent very important time researching and interviewing brokers. My initial consideration was having an office conveniently located near my home, and secondly having market share in the area where I planned to work. Beyond that, I really didn't know what else would be important. I had no idea that the company culture would be so important, nor did I realize the value of an extensive training program, management support and considerable investment in ensuring excellence throughout a realtor's career. As luck would have it, I hit the jackpot with Seven Gables Real Estate!
- Barbara Messick

Why I Work for Seven Gables.

I have been a real estate agent for 21 years and would not work for any other brokerage except Seven Gables. The owner and leadership team are, in my opinion, the best that California has to offer. Plus, the services and support is bar none the best around.
- Maria Xanthakis

Modern offices with a splash of beauty.

Every Seven Gables office is fully staffed and equipped with the latest technology to make your transactions and business soar.
Tustin Office
Huntington Beach Office
Huntington Beach
Anaheim Hills Office
Anaheim Hills
Corona Del Mar Office
Corona Del Mar
Huntington Harbour Office
Huntington Harbour
Orange Office
Glendora Office
Monrovia Office
Los Alamitos Office
Los Alamitos

Our brand mantra:

We didn’t like the rules. So we rewrote them.
The rules say that real estate is a numbers game.
That you recruit as many people as you can, cut corners, and scale.
The rules say that real estate is an easy entry with zero quality control.
That anyone can get a license and start making money now.
The rules say that sales is a cutthroat business.
That we need to claw our way to the top.
The rules say that being a leader requires ego.
That being the best means putting yourself first.
We didn’t like the rules. So we rewrote them.

Principles. People. Impact. Love.

These are the rules we lead by.
These are the rules that take us further.
The rules that built the house of Seven Gables—
Where we never settle.

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