Seven Gables expands to San Gabriel Valley

Published on September 20, 2022
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Mike and Randy Abrams from Seven Gables Real Estate on Vimeo.

In celebration of Seven Gables’ inception to the San Gabriel Valley, CEO Mike Hickman and Regional Manager for the San Gabriel Valley area, Randy Abrams, sit down to thoughtfully share ideologies, and their visions for the San Gabriel Valley real estate market.

Randy Abrams is a SGV native with over 25 years of experience in real estate. With 20 of those years spent in leadership roles with great firms, leaders & management that have defined his tactics and strategies throughout the years. It was a natural fit for Randy Abrams and a quick & easy transition because he and Mike Hickman  are like-minded, and relationship focused. Randy believes that not enough real estate companies take the bold step forward to have leadership beyond a normal branch manager, and to instead have people- focused leadership that emphasizes intrinsic value of the individual. He was initially drawn to Seven Gables because of the company ethos, how we articulate the value of the industry, and how that translates to our agents & clients. 

At its core Seven Gables places importance in belief systems over value. The components of the Seven Gables belief system are; Building Cultures, Developing People, and Selective Growth.  To lay the foundation & give context, Seven Gables takes the things that shape our company, and pushes it to an extreme to rewrite the rules of real estate. Beginning with a large cultural focus on leadership without ego, and leaders that are there to serve, something that all of our leadership team is aligned with. A large component that Seven Gables places a great deal of emphasis on is in developing people. Taking new agents, or seasoned agents and providing them focused mentorship or education to take them to the next level. Finally our last core component of Selective Growth, which Mike defines as “meeting people and understanding their why for real estate”. It is not about the numbers, but the combination of a Transactional Mindset and Relational Mindset to help agents find intrinsic value in reaching their individual success. 

Specifically in the San Gabriel Valley, Randy sees a lot of opportunity. There are not enough full service brokerages in that area that focus on ethics and fostering agent growth. Too many agents are coming into this market and it’s the, “wild, wild west.” With commission integrity, outgoing cooperation, and discount brokers abound, Randy and Mike want to bring back the lost art of real estate. Their vision for San Gabriel Valley is to take the Seven Gables belief system and create an organization that accomplishes what others do in 6-12months, in 12 weeks! 

Seven Gables is committed to Leadership without the EGO, and luxury without pretense, flashiness, as well as lifestyle & fulfillment without status. Simply put, Randy & Mike aim to take agents, bring in Seven Gables culture, and train agents so that they can be authentic with their leaders. Seven Gables has the tools, tremendous marketing department, and leaders to provide a real estate experience like no other in the San Gabriel Valley.