Time to Party! Tips For Creating Entertaining Spaces In Any Room

Published on April 19, 2024
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Craving a space to host unforgettable gatherings with friends and family? Any room can be transformed into an entertaining space with these simple upgrades. Whether you have time and money to invest or you want a simple upgrade, let’s explore the different options you have to turn your home into party central. 


Types of Entertaining Spaces

Bar Station

There is nothing that will impress your dinner guests more than crafting them a drink in your in-home bar station. What is great about this upgrade is that you can add it no matter your budget or space. Have the space? Consider transforming a kitchen ledge into a functioning bar station, complete with floating shelves and gold accents. A large cabinet with glass doors is a great option for storing glasses and bottles. The best part is that a cabinet can hide glasses and bottles to give your bar a clean look when not in use. While solid wooden cabinets can be pricey, consider refurbishing one at a consignment or thrift store to fit your home’s look. 

Lack the space but still want to join in on the fun? Let the good times roll with a rolling bar cart. Cute, rolling bar carts have become a trend recently and for good reason: they are versatile, easy to store and are so stylish. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, and prices to fit your style and budget. 

This wire-frame rolling bar cart adds a dash of elegance to any corner of the room. Don’t forget to stock up your bar station with enough cups, stirrers and napkins for everyone.


Home Theater

Bring the luxury of the theater to your home! For the ultimate experience, transform an empty room into a theater. Dedicate one wall to hang the projector screen or a large TV. Elevate the experience with a recliner or a cushy couch. And don’t forget the snacks! A mini fridge and cabinet can be the perfect concession stand. 

If you don’t have a spare room, you can upgrade your living room for movie nights. Invest in a projector with a roll-down screen or better speakers for surround sound. 

During the summer, bring the fun outside with an outdoor theater. For the DIY-lovers, there are plenty of instructional videos on how to set up your own projector screen. Set up the projector near an outdoor seating area where guests can watch. If you have a pool, an outdoor projector screen makes for the perfect movie-watching experience: Imagine watching Finding Nemo while floating on a pool float. 

This moonlit movie night is made perfect with twinkling hanging lights, a warm fireplace and a comfy couch.


With any of these options, don’t forget seating for everyone. If it can’t be permanent, like a couch, think of temporary seating, like cushions, that can be hidden in a basket. 


Garden Party

Your backyard offers endless possibilities for entertaining. Host a backyard BBQ, an elegant brunch or a quiet evening by the fireplace. 

For the party lovers, don’t be afraid to go big. Items like a fireplace, BBQ grille, and outdoor seating can be purchased at any home improvement store. Choose comfortable seating options like outdoor couches for large groups or hammocks and lounge chairs for a more relaxed atmosphere. Adirondack chairs are a space-saving option that can be folded and stored away when the party is done. A covered deck or large umbrellas will protect guests and your furniture from the sun. 

In this backyard, the elegance is found in the details. White tablecloth, cushioned seating and climbing flowers provide the perfect space for a Sunday brunch.


Keep the party going all night with large-bulbed string lights. And with simple folding chairs like these, everyone can have a seat at the table.


And don’t forget the little details. As the party lasts until late in the night, make sure they is plenty of lighting so guests can see. Couple overhead lighting, like string lights, with grounded path lights for a glowing look. End tables that double as mini-coolers are sure to impress your guests. Games like cornhole or bocce are great for long yards. 

This backyard is the perfect space for a casual night outside. A covered umbrella with string lights, plenty of casual sitting and a fashionable patterned rug on the porch gives this space shabby-chic allure.


When purchasing decor for outside, remember that they will be exposed to the elements. So, opt for materials that will not rust, fade or weaken from the rain. 


Game Room

Bored of plain old Monopoly in the living room? Spice up your game nights with a game room! If you have the space, consider adding a large game, like a foosball, pool or air hockey. A mini fridge in the corner will keep the games flowing all night. Create the perfect party atmosphere with remote-controlled LED lighting.

If you don’t have the space, you can create a board game corner in any room. Bookshelves or an Ottoman with secret storage is the perfect option for storing games in style. Instead of a dining table, consider a low coffee table with cushions for seating, which can be easily stored and brought out for game night.  

Keep your space neat with creative storage. Here, a glass table is used for board game storage that is both within easy reach and organized.


When designing a game room or a game corner, seating is key. Utilize low tables and seating options so everyone can join in on the fun. This room’s couches are low to the ground for comfortable gaming around a table.


Tips for Home-Buyers 

If you are house-hunting, then you have the perfect opportunity to move into a home with plenty of entertaining space. While looking for a new home, consider how well it suits your entertaining needs. Factor in how many rooms it has and how you can turn these rooms into things to fit your needs, storage space options, electrical outlets and things like parking for guests.