Steps for Sanitation

Published on June 23, 2020 by Seven Gables • In Community Lifestyle Your Home


Now more than ever, our homes are our safe place. We rely on them for comfort, safety and security which is why it’s important we keep our homes clean and sanitary. Here are some essential steps to ensuring your house is meeting the standard of cleanliness required to fight off bacteria and viruses.

First, understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning will remove dirt, oil, and germs, but disinfecting will actually kill the bacteria on surfaces. To get the best results, experts recommend a two-step process. Clean all surfaces using a detergent or soap diluted with water, then follow by disinfecting. Bleach with water can work effectively, as well as any alcoholic solution containing at least 70% alcohol. 

Next, using the proper materials to sanitize is crucial. Any sort of fast-absorbing, microfiber cloth is excellent- and eco-friendly. It is vital that you do not use the same towels for cleaning and disinfecting. Remember- cleaning is not killing the germs! When using sanitizing products, wear disposable gloves, and wash hands immediately after removing gloves. Due to the smell of harsh chemicals, opening windows to get fresh air always helps!

Finally, cleaning is most impactful when it is done routinely. Even frequently touched surfaces such as remote controls, light switches, faucets, and doorknobs are all included in this list. So, take a look around your home to see what areas and which items could use a good scrubbing!

Keep your home happy and healthy by following the helpful protocol for maintaining a safe living environment. And if you find a job too big to tackle on your own then enlist a professional to help.