Maintaining a Work-Life Balance From Home

Published on August 25, 2020
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The balance between work and play has always been a struggle for some, but with the ever changing circumstances that are present in today’s reality, it takes even more conscious effort to not get engulfed in work and deprive yourself from other important aspects of life. If you’re looking to find more harmony in your work life balance, here are three ways to do just that!

Schedule set work and end times: If you work on the clock, this might not be an issue for you, but if there seems to be more freedom in the nature of your work, be aware of how you space your time – is it deliberate and effective, or do you end up overworking yourself without noticing? If it seems like you are ineffectively managing your time, it would highly benefit you to schedule set times to work and times when you’re off. Getting a planner to write out these times and even small breaks throughout the day will help you organize everything accordingly.

Have a designated work spot: Having a definite spot that is purely for work purposes will allow you to be more productive and switched on when going through your work day. Whether you have an office space or not, any spot will do if you associate it with work. Even working in your patio area will give you that extra motivation like an actual office would because your brain associates that specific spot with work, which goes a long way.

Take away all distractions: It goes without saying that a home setting for work, though has many benefits, also has a lot more distractions. With televisions, cell phones, children, and even the temptation of laying in bed, it truly takes dedication to remain focused amidst all the daily noise. Right when you start your designated work time, put your phone in a drawer, turn the tv off, and watch as you become mentally prepared to be productive.