Innovative Ways to Celebrate New Year’s

Published on December 30, 2020
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By reflecting on the myriad of challenges experienced this year, we as a society can come together to celebrate the triumphant feat of this year. This is our chance to improve our strengths, align our values and goals, and track our growth as we enter a new year. With this quickly approaching new year, we have the opportunity to dive into 2021 with a brand new perspective. We can recognize the hardships this past year has brought while being motivated by a brighter and more hopeful future. 

Although this year might be more scaled back than previous years, there are still fun and creative ways to celebrate. With many of us staying home this year, we still have exciting and innovative opportunities to help ring in the new year. Now is the time to start creating new traditions by staying in with a close knit group of family or friends. 

Here are some helpful tips to inspire you to have the best celebration of the year:

Make a New Year’s Brunch

 Host a New Year’s Zoom celebration 

Stream a live event happening globally

Dress up with a theme

Decorate your home

Have a movie marathon

Make festive drinks and snacks

Host a virtual murder mystery party

We have the opportunity to remain hopeful as we leave 2020 in the past and begin looking to the future to find a new strength. We can find solace in the wise words of Jonathon Huie, “Celebrate endings- for they precede new beginnings”. May this New Year bring abundant amounts of health and joy as we recover from extraordinary circumstances. Cheers from our Seven Gables family to yours, we wish you a New Year filled with prosperity and happiness!