Do a Home Maintenance Check this Summer

Published on June 29, 2020 by Seven Gables • In Community Lifestyle Your Home

You are home more than ever, yet the significant home services can be so easily forgotten. Routines of everyday life have been shaken, but it is still important to keep up with certain essential services to maintain the condition and safety of your home. 

Security and Home Automation: With the whole family being home, having a functional and effective home security system is vital. Home automation enhances your control over the alarm system. This could include monitoring your security system’s door locks, window entry sensors and other components. Use this time at home to ensure the safety of your property by getting your security and home automation system aligned! 

Pest Control: When activity is stirring, the pests come out! Unsettling, but unfortunately the truth. Bugs, rodents and other pets find opportunities when there’s lots of household activity. Having a pest control pro come to your home can remove current critters and keep them out for months to come. 

HVAC: Keeping your home a comfortable temperature is necessary. Typically, HVAC systems get inspected at least twice a year. Regular maintenance is critical to smooth functioning. 

Plumbers: More people using the bathrooms frequently means… more of a need for the plumbers! The water system is getting more pressure from the constant use making a trip from the plumber worthwhile. 

Electrician: Overuse of electricity can create problems within the breakers, lights or plugs. If you notice an odor or sparking coming from any of these, it’s definitely time to call an electrician! 

With summer in full effect, these are certain services not to skip. Being home more frequently gives more of a reason to have important services keep your home in top notch shape.