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St. Patrick’s Day 2021

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Seven Gables Real Estate! Many celebrate the occasion by wearing green, drinking Irish beer and whiskey, as well as cooking traditional Irish meals. Are you ready to commemorate the luck of the Irish and all things green? Well you’re in luck because we’ve put together a few ideas to celebrate St. […]

How Much Leverage do Today’s House Sellers Have?

The housing market has been reaching new heights over the course of the last twelve months. The high demand of buyers has drastically outnumbered the amount of sellers which has heavily impacted the housing inventory shortage. The National Association of Realtors has reported that sales have increased by 23.7% while inventory for homes is down […]

Will There be More Homes to Buy This Year?

One of the many challenges of the last year has been the shortage of homes on the market. If you are searching for a home and are having difficulties, you are not alone. At such unprecedented times, it can be daunting in your search to find your dream home. The National Association of Realtors has […]

Why Owning a Home is a Powerful Financial Decision

In the current market, there are many powerful reasons contributing to make the decision to purchase a home. Buyers will have many financial opportunities such as increasing equity, appreciating net worth, and growing equity. Owning a home can help to build a stronger future by pointing you in the direction of greater financial security and […]

The KonMari Method: Helping You Prep Your House For Sale

One of the biggest challenges sellers face when listing their house is decluttering. Cleaning out some of the more personal decorating choices allows buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. Those planning to sell soon are in luck! Marie Kondo, the inventor of the KonMari Method of Tidying Up, has gained popularity overtime with […]

A Glimpse Into the Housing Shortage

What is the housing shortage? In the current housing market, it is more challenging than ever before to purchase a home. Early last year, there was already a housing shortage and then the health crisis hit, making buying a home even more difficult. Amongst the trials of the pandemic, many buyers wanted to take advantage […]

Benefits of Homeownership

As we set goals for the rest of 2021, it is important to look at the benefits of owning a home. Homeownership has the potential to give you benefits beyond your financial investment, such as economic and social impacts on the local community. Our homes have turned into an integral part of our lives more […]

2021 Seven Gables Recognition Event

On February 25, 2021 we held our 44th annual recognition event and for the first time ever in Seven Gables’ history, we celebrated everyone’s achievements virtually.  The following are few of many awards given out to some of our top agents at Seven Gables Real Estate: Top Overall Agent – Debbie Neugebauer Top Overall Group […]

The Luxury Market is Attracting More Buyers

Although the pandemic caused devastating effects, the luxury market is continuing to show unprecedented strength. With preferences changing because of the pandemic, we are currently witnessing new demands for diverse locations and property types. With people changing their needs during these uncertain times, more buyers are turning to the upscale housing market for greater space. […]

What Does Record-Low Housing Inventory Mean for You?

The real estate market is expected to show unprecedented strength as we progress into 2021. Mortgage rates are maintaining historic lows and are forecasted to remain this way for the foreseeable future. Although the real estate market is doing very well, one challenge is the lack of homes going up for sale. With inventory for […]

Financial Fundamentals for Buying a Home

If you are thinking about purchasing a home, here are some essential tips to take before you start the home buying experience. These key steps will help make the buying process more efficient and less time consuming. Remembering these hints will ensure your financial success in the long run. Save for a down payment: A […]

Reasons to Turn to a Trusted Advisor

With such uncertain times in our lives, it is important to turn to an expert when making the significant decision to purchase a home or list one for sale. A trusted advisor will help to streamline the process of buying or selling a home and Seven Gables would love to assist you in the transaction. […]

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Homeownership

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the subject of love is a reoccurring theme. Have you ever asked yourself the questions: Do I love where I live? What is better – renting or buying? These are questions that most people consider at one time or another in their lives. There is no universally correct answer […]

How to Become a Homeowner

For many Americans, one of the greatest achievements of a lifetime is to own a home. A home is a place where we have the opportunity to grow and prosper. A home is where we will flourish and create cherished memories with loved ones. If you have a dream of purchasing a home this year, […]

Appraisal vs. Home Inspection

Making the decision to purchase a home can be a daunting task and you might be entering into uncharted territory, but Seven Gables is here to help! There are many questions people have when entering into the real estate market and we will help you navigate the entire home buying process. We are going to […]

Mike Hickman Named a RISMedia 2021 Real Estate Newsmaker

Although 2020 was a year of immense adversity for many, it was also a year of notable accomplishment. Congratulations to Mike Hickman, CEO/President of Seven Gables, as he joins an exclusive group of industry leaders who have made newsworthy contributions to Real Estate! Mike was selected as a RISMedia 2021 Real Estate Newsmaker and recognized […]

Why More Generations Are Living in One Household

With the last year bringing new routines into our everyday lives, we had to learn to adjust quickly to new norms and practices of living. We had to reevaluate our lives and learn new methods to conduct ourselves moving forward. Everything, from the way we work to our needs at home, shifted in a moment’s […]

Turning a House into a Happy Home

We talk a lot about why it makes financial sense to buy a home, but more often than not, we are drawn to the emotional reasons for homeownership. No matter the living space, the feeling of a home means different things to different people. Whether it’s a certain scent or a favorite chair, the feel-good […]

Reasons to Purchase a Home in 2021

As we reflect on the past year, we are witnessing the lasting effects of the pandemic and how it drastically influenced our lives. As we spend an increasing amount of time in our houses, we are now evaluating what we truly need at home as we move forward. Experts are predicting that as we move […]

Moving Will be the Boost You’re Looking For!

After overcoming the challenges of the last year, we have seen an increase in stress levels across the nation. We have also witnessed the lasting effects of the pandemic, with the U.S Census Bureau reporting that individuals who live alone stating that they experienced higher rates of anxiety and depression. As we look to the […]

Is Owning a Home More Affordable Than Renting?

With housing prices continuing to rise, you may be wondering if it is more affordable to purchase or rent a home. Experts are saying that even amongst the challenges of the last year, it is now more cost effective to purchase a home than to rent one. Let’s take a deeper look at why this […]

Home Values in 2021

We witnessed home prices escalate to new heights in 2020, but as we enter into this new year, there are questions as to where home values will go from here. Corelogic has reported that home values rose by a drastic 8.2% nationwide over the course of last year. The combination of low housing supply with […]

Time to Make a Move!

After an extraordinary year in the housing market recovery, real estate continues to show remarkable strength as we progress into 2021. The market conditions are in favor of homebuyers this holiday season. Let’s dive into the advantages of purchasing a home this winter and the benefits that this transition will bring along with it! Mortgage […]

Tips for Selling Your Home This Year!

As we kick off the new year, many of us are excited to begin thinking about purchasing a new home to create memories in. In order to buy a new home, the first step is to put our house on the market and it is essential to understand the stipulations of selling a home effectively. […]