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Seven Gables Nominated as Top Workplace Three Years in a Row

Serving thousands of Orange County residents over the last 40 years, Seven Gables has been nominated three years in a row as a Top Workplace in Orange County, calculated based on employee input. Over 1,300 Orange County companies are invited every year to participate, representing 48,000 total employees and Seven Gables was the first mid-size […]

Seven Gables • October 5, 2017 in Lifestyle

Innovation Starts With Why

“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.” Many of you may have already stumbled upon Simon Sinek, motivational speaker and all-around life-hack genius, on Youtube, shared from friend to friend on Facebook and it popped up on your feed, or you name it. Simon Sinek […]

Seven Gables • October 2, 2017 in Innovations