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Creating Good Feng Shui in Your Home

Feng Shui is the intentional and strategic way of spacing the entirety of your home with the purpose of creating a positive space, one with good energy. Although there is no direct evidence that the practice of Feng Shui has actual scientifically- based advantages, it never hurts to create a space that has the intention […]

The Power of Exercise

With summer coming to an end, it’s a great time to reevaluate our habits and establish new ones. Most of us know that exercise is good for us but research shows that there are even more  reasons to add exercise to our daily lives. Stronger bones and muscles: Working out consistently will do wonders for […]

5 Ways to Improve Working From Home

As work from home becomes the new normal with our current state of society, it’s always important to change things up to keep motivation levels high and energy positive. With everything going on nowadays, having an effective workspace can really make a huge impact not only on our work habits, but our overall lives, as […]

Best OC Beaches

Visiting OC for Labor Day weekend and want more ideas of which beaches to visit? Or are you a local wanting to switch things up? Either way it’s always fun finding new hidden gems to explore and enjoy. Here are our top 5 OC beach recommendations that are sure to impress especially for the long […]

Maintaining a Work-Life Balance From Home

The balance between work and play has always been a struggle for some, but with the ever changing circumstances that are present in today’s reality, it takes even more conscious effort to not get engulfed in work and deprive yourself from other important aspects of life. If you’re looking to find more harmony in your […]

Top 5 Reads to Inspire Growth

With new found leisure time due to the pandemic, it is a great opportunity for many to acquire new skills, gain knowledge, and ultimately use this time as a way to inspire self growth. One of the best ways to motivate change within ourselves is by simply reading books that resonate. These are our top […]

Homeownership Rate Continues to Rise in 2020

This year has been quite a ride and our nation has truly seen its fair share of hurdles. From a global pandemic to record breaking unemployment and a resulting recession to follow, needless to say, the second quarter of 2020 has had more than a few challenges. Amidst the many roadblocks, however, the U.S. homeownership […]

Stand Out To Buyers with SG Certified

DIFFERENTIATE YOUR HOME WITH SG CERTIFIED  Prime your home for the most qualified buyers with our SG Certified Program. By providing full transparency about the condition of your home, you give buyers confidence to make educated buying decisions which in turn leads to smoother transactions. What makes a home SG Certified? Prior to putting a home […]

Do a Home Maintenance Check this Summer

You are home more than ever, yet the significant home services can be so easily forgotten. Routines of everyday life have been shaken, but it is still important to keep up with certain essential services to maintain the condition and safety of your home.  Security and Home Automation: With the whole family being home, having […]

Steps for Sanitation

  Now more than ever, our homes are our safe place. We rely on them for comfort, safety and security which is why it’s important we keep our homes clean and sanitary. Here are some essential steps to ensuring your house is meeting the standard of cleanliness required to fight off bacteria and viruses. First, […]

Exterior Home Projects!

            As summer is revving up in full force, many are thinking about getting fresh air and spending time outside. For most, enjoying the outdoors means enjoying the outside of your home. While the initial thought is to redo your landscape, there can be other ways to revive your home’s […]

Economy Bounce Back

There is no doubt what the world is currently experiencing will be all over history books in years from now. A lot has been affected by the recent events, but now people and businesses can’t help but wonder, “when will the economy begin to recover from its downfall?” While an exact time line for the […]