Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Published on March 24, 2020 by Seven Gables • In Uncategorized

As we navigate through the Covid-19 crisis, many families and individuals are finding an abundance of extra time on their hands due to social distancing and isolation. Instead of looking at the negative, let’s remember to find the positive. Now more than ever is the perfect time to channel our restless energy into Spring Cleaning! By the time the Stay at Home order is lifted, you will want to be doing anything but stay at home, so why not get your home ready now? There are so many ways to go about spring cleaning and you can start by determining what needs to be done. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

Create a Chore Plan 

Put everyone in your family to work by assigning tasks and chores. Since we all have plenty of extra time, why not spread out the to-do list over a weeks time? For example: Monday – Bedroom Day, Tuesday – Bathroom Day, Wednesday – Kitchen Day, Thursday – Living Room Day, Friday – Alternate (appliances, walls/baseboards, etc), Saturday – Backyard/Outside and Sunday – RELAX! This spread out schedule allows you and your family to focus on one room at a time.

Wash Your Windows and Polish Your Mirrors

Spotless windows and shiny mirrors make a HUGE difference. This will help brighten every room and space and makes your home feel more inviting!

Stock Up on Cleaners that you Love

Some of the best tools to keep in your “toolbox” include a good vacuum, microfiber cloths (great for cleaning & polishing), white vinegar (use with a microfiber cloth and clean almost any surface) and a great broom. Having effective cleaning tools will save you half the time and the headache!

Tackle the Dirty Details 

Focus on the tiny, dirty details that you would not normally routinely clean. Scour grout, clean light switch plates, outlets, inside ovens and refrigerators. Targeting these little details will make you feel so accomplished!

Cut Clutter in Half

Eliminating clutter will save your life..and your sanity! Organizing cupboards, closets and rooms will help streamline an organized lifestyle. Donate, toss or simply pack away items that you don’t use regularly. Less clutter makes for easy, relaxed living!

Happy Cleaning!