Get Your Home Winter Ready

Published on October 18, 2019
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The beloved fall season is great for so many reasons – cooler weather, football games, cozy sweaters and more. Fall is also the perfect time to prep your home before winter comes. Even though it does not snow in most areas of Southern California, it is still important to prep and do a pre-winter home check before larger, more costly issues may arise.

Fall Garden Clean Up 

Getting your garden ready is one of the many ways to prep your home for colder weather in turn for a great growing year in the spring. Generally, be sure to keep your trees well-watered in the fall because they should have no shortage of water before going dormant in the winter. Before the early morning frost and wet whether comes, be sure to pick any remaining fruits and vegetables that will not survive this type of climate. This includes any of your summer fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, summer squash, eggplant and cucumbers. Tackle your garden clean-up before the cold and rain hits!

Clean Out the Pantry 

Clear up some space in your pantry! Start by throwing out any old and expired foods and products and clean the shelves with a disinfectant. This is also a great way to start fresh and clear up some space with the holiday cooking just a few weeks away. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the perfect time to clean out your food pantry and donate good foods and other products to the less fortunate. With all of your extra space, now you will have plenty of room to stock up on baking supplies such as flour, sugar, holiday spices and herbs. Happy baking!

Tend to Gutters and Downspouts 

Gutters get clogged, even if you may not live on a tree heavy lot with many falling leaves. Fall is the best time to clean out your gutters and is one of the most important pre-winter chores to complete. During the fall season, autumn leaves will collect in your gutters creating a lot of water build up. Water is a heavy material, and when excess builds up it will put too much weight and strain on your gutters which may cause them to sag or possibly fall out of alignment. Removing the build up of leaves, dirt and other items will allow for water to cleanly flow throughout during those rainy months of the year.

Replace Your Air Filters 

Replacing your air filters is a very important step on your pre-winter check list. Changing them out will help for numerous reasons. This will help improve the overall air quality in your home, reduce allergens from air passing through the filter, captures airborne particles that may carry bacteria and viruses and allows for better air flow and and less stress on your heating and cooling system. By completing this task, you can now spend your time thinking about other important things, like who is going to bring the pie for Thanksgiving?!

Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture and Toys   

Every year when spring and summer roll around, do you ever go to sit outside on the first beautiful sunny day and your patio furniture is dirty and dingy? There are ways to prevent this by cleaning and storing your outdoor furniture and toys before winter comes. Wipe down all of the furniture surfaces and cover and store them in a dry/covered place. You can also take an extra step by sweeping and spraying your patio and outdoor areas for a fresh and clean appearance. With this pre-winter task, you can really get ahead of the game. By the time you go to enjoy your outdoor area in the Spring, your yard and patio will be ready to enjoy!