SGRE Open House Blitz

Published on January 20, 2023
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Let’s paint the town blue with SGRE open house signs the weekend of January 21st & 22nd for our first Open House Blitz of the new year!

Our mega open house blitz is a Seven Gables coordinated open house event where we will showcase dozens of available homes. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 90% of homebuyers say that open houses are a valuable source of information. This is a great opportunity for home buyers and sellers alike.

Open houses benefit buyers.

Let’s be honest, Looking for a new home can be overwhelming! An open house offers buyers the opportunity to browse through a prospective home in a stress-free environment, for several reasons. Especially during a blitz event, buyers do not have to feel pressured about interacting with a listing agent at an open house. Buyer will be able to roam around the home, stress-free, and can casually visit multiple homes in a day or two. Another benefit to buyers is that they are also able to casually look around all the neighborhoods they are curious about. Large open house blitz events give buyers the opportunity to get to know many different realtors, which allows buyers to connect with an Agent that they really gel with and help establish a great first meeting that will be the foundation of the real estate transaction.

Open houses benefit sellers.

First and foremost, holding an open house gives a seller the opportunity to market their home. Open houses also provide sellers with instant feedback about their home, if you need to do any additional staging or decluttering, you’ll know right away! This exciting event also helps brand-new listings to garner foot traffic and yield the best buyers for the property. Finally, holding an open house could make your home available to buyers who didn’t even consider themselves to be serious. Perhaps a neighbor or community member has always had their eye on your home—or a home like yours. 


Get ready to paint the town blue, and check out our Facebook page for all the listings we will have available this Saturday and Sunday!

JANUARY 21ST & 22ND | 12-4 PM