Seven Gables Huntington Beach Named ‘Most Innovative Office Design’

Published on April 8, 2022
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We are honored to announce that our Seven Gables Real Estates Coast Office has been awarded Most Innovative Office Design by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® at their 2022 annual conference!

Far from a traditional space, at Seven Gables we utilize innovation and technologies in everything that we do. From the moment we walk through the door, we are implementing new techniques that will enhance the way we do business.

These innovations are intended to enhance the atmosphere to ensure efficient and effective results as well as fuel inspiration and motivation. It’s no wonder why our Coast office represents more buyers and sellers in Huntington Beach than any other real estate office. Thank you to @leadingre1 for recognizing Seven Gables Real Estate!



We sat down with Seven Gables CEO Mike Hickman and asked him a few questions about the inspiration behind the design at the office:

Q: Where did you find inspiration for the space?
A: My inspiration originated from visiting several offices throughout the country, noting their space usage, furniture,  colors and what unique features were embedded in their design.  I did not want anything ordinary.  I wanted an innovative design, geared to a beach feel with design and color coordination that was plain and simple.  Lastly, I was inspired by the way a home is utilized today.  Most people gather in the kitchen and I wanted to emulate that approach.  And in our today, the same holds true. 
Q: Did you want to encourage workplace sociability and collaboration? 
A: Absolutely.  No secluded workspaces where people can’t socialize and collaborate when they desire the collaboration. I strongly believed then and even today that a sense of community was a necessity.  Isolation can be achieved when desired through our “quiet rooms”.
Q: Tell me about the mural against the wall, what does the mural represent?
A: The mural on the wall was meant to be a centerpiece depicting Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach with a top right corner paying special homage to Star Real Estate.  I wanted the mural to provide a sneak preview of the entire wall from the entry to the office and when entirely viewed, it would capture the entire communities of FV and HB.  I wanted B&W for the effect and we handpicked the pictures along with marketing to make them action oriented along with a few stills of the scenery.  The quiet room murals are one of HB and one FV.  Again, carefully selected to serenity and colors to enhance the feeling when sitting there.
Q: Technology and innovation were key components when designing the office. How did you incorporate that into the space? 
A: Innovation with our Core Values on the wall, key lighting elements, dimmer switches, custom stained doors all of which support a surround sound system and advanced ultra high end video/presentation camera.  The camera and surround sound was $50,000 to have it installed. The conference room keypad was a very simple way of having agents reserve the room.
I also think we will continue to innovate the office design when we refresh the ‘back space’ where the lockers and zig zag desks are located.  We are going to think differently and outside the proverbial box when we redesign that portion of the office.  

Thank you to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World for recognizing Seven Gables Real Estate!® Take a virtual tour of our office by watching the video below.