3 Essential Safety Strategies to Protect Agents in the Field

Published on September 17, 2021
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Since 2003, the National Association of REALTORS® has dedicated September as REALTOR® Safety Month.

Whether you’re showing a property, meeting a new client, or communicating online, it’s important to ensure you have an existing personal safety protocol.

In order to continue spreading awareness, in today’s blog we will be sharing three essential safety strategies to protect agents in the field inspired by a recent RISMedia article.

Were you aware that nearly one-in-four REALTORS® have reported that they have feared for their safety while on the job? When hosting open houses or conducting showings, an even higher number of nearly one-in-three reported feeling fearful.

Here are three essential takeaways that could keep agents out of harm’s way –

  • Understand the risks.

A common misconception amongst many real estate practitioners is that most crimes are opportunistic street crimes rather than a result of predatory behavior. In actuality, police reports and research note that most crimes towards agents match all the classic predatory behavior patterns and that criminals seek signs of weakness and vulnerability.

Motive + Means + Opportunity = Crime

  • Make a safety plan.

Since every office has unique needs, NAR offers customizable safety-related forms and processes like an Agent ID Form, Agent Itinerary, and Office Safety Action Plan for reference.

  • Prioritize safety all year long.

An important reminder for agents is that safety is ALWAYS more important than the sale.

Deeply concerned about the welfare and safety of REALTORS®, NAR offers members an array of other safety resources, including tips and articles, safety training videos, courses and presentation materials, and safety-focused webinars available here. All are part of the ongoing efforts to communicate and educate REALTORS® about safety throughout the year.