Seven Gables’ Agent Makes a Run for City Leadership

Published on September 6, 2018 by Seven Gables • In Community

Long-time Seven Gables’ agent and Irvine resident, Jaci Woods, is taking her desire to serve and her will to do what’s right to the next level by running for Irvine City Council. Earlier this year, Jaci joined a citizen-led grassroots campaign to save the Great Park Veterans Cemetery that has been in the works for years. Jaci’s video warning voters about Measure B was viewed by more than 50,000 Irvine residents and ultimately the Measure was defeated by 63% of Irvine citizens voting No on B.

Jaci’s passion for veterans runs deep. Having been raised in a military family with her father serving 32 years in the U.S. Army and retiring from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She also married a proud Marine who served 25 years and her son has been with the LAPD for more than two decades. She has deep roots in Irvine, moving to the city 47 years ago when she and her husband bought their first home using a VA loan. 

As a longtime homeowner and stakeholder in the Irvine community, she has been a selfless volunteer who works hand-in-hand with the Irvine Police Department to help prepare citizens for earthquakes and other catastrophic events. She is a HAM radio technician and member of the Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications (IDEC), as well as a founding member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). She is passionate about supporting those who serve country and community.

Jaci’s current run for City Council is one more step toward serving the community she loves. She worries about her community’s quality of life and housing market and wants to ensure that Irvine leaders are focused on what’s best for the community. As she reflects on her life’s journey, she realizes that she has continually been brought back to a role of service, “The few times I strayed from service, I realized it wasn’t for me. I do best when I have direct contact with people. I think we’re only here to help one another in this life, and it makes me feel good to have a purpose. When I look back and see my life’s work, I want to see that I gave more than I received. I think that’s a good way for people to travel through life.”