Save a Heart, Save A Life: CPR Course

Published on February 8, 2018 by Seven Gables • In Community

Every February marks annual Save a Heart Month. It’s important for the sake of both your sanity and more tangibly, your heart, to live a healthy lifestyle. We have it pretty good down here in Southern California with fairly easily accessible outdoor access. That being said, life plays it’s cards in ways we can’t predict and we want to help combat any risk factors associated with heart problems.

Our Seven Gables Agent, Jeannie Rothfuss has been educating Orange County residents about the risks of heart failure for 30 years. As a certified American Heart Association CPR Instructor, her goal is to educate people on the signs and signals of a person having heart health concerns.

On February 24th, Jeannie will be teaching a CPR course in the Seven Gables Tustin Office from 9:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M. The class is open to the public and will cost $35.00. Ages ten and older are welcome. By taking this course, you will be CPR certified for two years.

Many occupations and volunteer positions require a CPR certification. Anyone from a swim instructor, foster or adoptive parent, teacher, doctor, nurse or dentist needs this certification. In the course, Jeannie will refresh your skills and teach steps to take in case of cardiac arrest. CPR has become a common technic for all individuals to learn while it gives you a level of confidence in case of emergency.

“I have heroic stories of students who have stepped up in that needed moment,” said Seven Gables Agent Jeannie. “CPR technics have been revised and are easier than ever. You can take this quick interactive class and become certified and even more importantly, it might teach you how to save a life.”

When you walk away from this class, you will be American Heart Association certified in CPR.

To register, please email