Introducing OC’s Hottest & Chillest Club

Published on March 15, 2024
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OC’s hottest & chillest club, Sip & Dip, has recently made its debut. Our very own agent, Brooklyn Jervis, recently created this amazing club to connect the Orange County community. Every Saturday in Newport or Laguna Beach, Sip & Dip puts on the ultimate party featuring cold plunges, saunas, and coffee.

Sip & Dip, a haven for wellness enthusiasts, understands the transformative power of saunas and cold plunges in achieving optimal health. Saunas offer numerous benefits, from promoting relaxation to improving cardiovascular health ,and aiding in detoxification. The heat induces sweating, flushing out toxins and impurities, while also soothing muscles and reducing stress. On the other hand, cold plunges, with their invigorating chill, stimulate circulation, boost immunity, and enhance mood. Both are excellent for post-workout recovery.

Last week, Sip & Dip partnered with the Newport Beach Run Club. After going for a Saturday morning run, the athletes took a cold plunge to aid their muscle recovery. By offering a holistic approach to health and fitness, Sip & Dip fosters a community dedicated to rejuvenation and vitality, where members can thrive both mentally and physically.

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